CRI Profile on Axio360

The Cyber Risk Institute and Axio are improving how financial institutions measure and report cybersecurity programs. 

The CRI Profile is your starting point.

Axio360 is your tool for defensible risk reduction.

A Complete Cyber Risk Management Platform

Free for CRI Members

The CRI Profile on Axio360 provides you with a complete cyber risk assessment and quantification solution (SaaS) that can be customized for your enterprise risk management program.  The solution offers the financial sector the heritage and trust of NIST CSF cybersecurity guidelines, combined with Axio's industry-leading quantification model to measure security program controls that matter most, forecast and quantify risk exposure, and drive proactive decision-making and prioritization. \

CRI Profile Alone

  • Simplifies compliance efforts
  • Reduces redundancy
  • Enhances cyber resilience 
  • Provides a foundation for managing cyber risk
  • Transitions from spreadsheet-based assessments 

CRI Profile on Axio360

  • Calculates the financial impact of a successful cyber attack
  • Compares the ROI of security controls and investments 
  • Communicates cyber risks into business terms
  • Includes access to Axio's Professional Services team

Why choose CRI Profile on Axio360?

  • The CRI Profile enjoys an industry-backed pedigree and support—members of the Cyber Risk Institute are some of the world’s largest financial institutions.
  • Axio has been quantifying cyber risk for over a decade, back when cyber resilience was just a buzzword.
  • Axio360 focuses on low-probability high-impact events. It lets financial institutions look at cyber risk like owners and operators of critical infrastructure—a necessity during this period of heightened geopolitical tension.
  • The CRI Profile on Axio360 enables CISOs to communicate like other business heads do by translating cyber risk and information security in strategic, budget, and financial terms that C-Suites and Boards understand.

See the CRI Profile on Axio360 for yourself.

Complete the form to watch the complete, 8-minute, narrated demo. You will learn more about the power of the CRI Profile on the Axio360 platform:

  • Rapid onboarding and configuration
  • UI designed for team collaboration
  • Manage your current controls
  • Set maturity targets
  • Create action items 
  • Document evidence
  • Show progress using robust dashboards

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