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Achieve SEC Cybersecurity Compliance with Axio360

Prepare for new SEC cybersecurity rule enforcement with a groundbreaking solution designed to be your cybersecurity system of record.


The SEC has changed the game for what is expected of CISOs

The SEC voted to adopt new rules and stricter requirements aimed to protect investors from harm caused by cyber-attacks and data breaches. Complying with the new regulations and disclosing cybersecurity capabilities will be a formidable task for organizations with sub-par cyber risk management programs.  Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) who are unable to comply may be fined heavily.
A comprehensive solution that acts as a "cyber system of record" enables companies to achieve SEC compliance.
Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) need to navigate the complex landscape of complying with the SEC Cybersecurity Rules. Accountability for cybersecurity actions has never been more crucial, with the potential consequences of non-compliance ranging from regulatory fines to personal reputational damage and job insecurity.

The SEC Ruling

Applicable to public companies that are subject to the reporting requirements of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934.


Cyber risk management & strategy disclosures
Describe the company's process, if any, for assessing, identifying, and managing material risks from cybersecurity threats.


Cyber governance disclosures
Describe the company's governance of cybersecurity risks.


Cyber incidents reporting
Report "material" cybersecurity incidents on a Form 8-K within four business days of materiality determination..

Introducing Axio360 for SEC Cyber Compliance

A shield in tough times. A security blanket for a good night's sleep.

The Axio360 for SEC Cyber Compliance solution is comprised of 3 Service Packages with options for ongoing professional services to solve the SEC rule pain points CISOs face.

SEC Preparedness Assessment 350x350

SEC Preparedness Assessment 

The SEC Preparedness Assessment reflects Axio’s collective experience in transforming cybersecurity programs and strategies and helps cybersecurity leaders assess their readiness for SEC compliance.

Integrated into the widely used Axio360 Platform, the preparedness assessment allows you to identify key program gaps that may impede SEC compliance and result in costly regulatory, reputational, or revenue impacts including:

  • Deficiencies in cybersecurity governance and risk management processes
  • Gaps in incident response and materiality determination—both qualitative and quantitative
  • Coordination between cyber teams and organizational functions such as legal, communications, operations, and financial, particularly when incidents occur
  • Areas for improvement in preparing and submitting required SEC documentation
Governing for SEC Compliance 350x350

Governing for SEC Compliance

Improve board participation by providing up-to-date information on program effectiveness, cybersecurity posture, and current risks and threats that require attention.

  • Highlights program strengths and weaknesses
  • Establishes a snapshot of current cybersecurity posture and improvement roadmaps
  • Provides repeatable and defensible materiality calculations based on proven cyber risk quantification methodologies, creating a baseline before incidents occur
  • Establishes financial justification for cyber investment decisions based on potential loss
  • Documents essential actions and decisions that establish a system of record to support SEC compliance—and for other constituents such as insurance providers
SEC Incident Reponse 350x350-1

SEC Incident Response Preparedness

To help organizations take the stress out of the materiality calculation, Axio offers the Axio360 Cyber Risk Quantification method—a structured way to think about the materiality of various types of incidents before they occur.

Integrated into the widely used Axio360 Platform, the Axio CRQ methodology allows you to

  • Identify key threats that pose material risk to the organization—and could manifest as material incidents
  • Integrate the CRQ materiality process into incident response planning, especially in the creation of playbooks that include detailed calculation assumptions and values
  • Determine and document financial thresholds by incident type that indicate when materiality requirements must be met
  • Provide documentation of materiality calculations as part of a system of record to establish due care for SEC compliance purposes
  • Establish a common, financial-based language to bridge the technical gap between cybersecurity leaders and Boards and senior executives who provide oversight


Better Understand your Gaps and Compliance Maturity

How prepared are you for meeting the growing SEC cybersecurity requirements? Give us a few hours and we can show you where you are against industry best practices.

Schedule time with our cyber performance management experts.

SEC Preparedness Consultation Request

You have SEC compliance questions. We got answers.

How is the mandate going to impact my CISO role? Or my cyber organization? Or My metrics/KPI?
You will need to demonstrate defensible cybersecurity reporting to various stakeholders such as the CFO, COO, and legal team using a method that is easy to understand and integrate with your enterprise risk management processes.

How does this change the nature of cyber performance and compliance touchpoints?
A holistic risk management approach is necessary to identify cybersecurity gaps and quantify priority risk scenarios in monetary terms to ensure your risk posture aligns with your risk tolerance.

How does this impact the organization’s skills, roles, and team?
Not much if you use a cybersecurity performance management platform that can leverage your existing processes.

How does this change board oversight and reporting?
You will need to have a defensible process to calculate materiality that is repeatable and easy to implement.

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