Pragmatic Cyber Risk Management

in the Post-SEC Environment

Actionable Strategies to Navigate the Changing Landscape


Recorded December 6th, 2023

SEC cybersecurity regulations are going into effect in December 2023 and CISOs need to adjust their strategy.

In this webinar, we cover real-world strategies to accelerate:

1. Maturing your cybersecurity risk management (CRM) processes and practices 

2. Building the relationships needed to support enterprise-wide CRM 

3. Choosing the right framework and toolset to support CRM activities  

4. Creating a CRM “system-of-record” 

5. Adding metrics to your CRM process to ensure cybersecurity outcomes are meeting expectations 

6. Maturing incident response to meet the SEC ruleset and confronting the “materiality” challenge 

Access the recording to gain valuable insights and stay ahead of the curve in the ever-changing world of cybersecurity.

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